Falcon Express Services Qatar, licensee of Federal Express Corporation, has been providing express courier, integrated freight and transportation solutions in the GCC region for over 25 years. Falcon Express Services Qatar provides global transportation, warehousing, distribution, customs clearance and freight forwarding services with local expertise. Falcon uses cutting-edge technology to serve major manufactures in energy, construction, retail and hospitality industries and provides specialized handling, shipping and third-party distribution.

Courier Services by Federal Express (FedEx)

  • Express door to door courier service
  • Real Time Tracking
  • 27/7 Call Centre Service

Logistics & Freight-forwarding services

  • Import/Export Freight Services
    • Sea Freight
    • Land Freight
    • Air Freight
  • Project Cargo Management Services
  • Movers and Packing Service
  • Cusom Clearance
  • Cargo Handling
    • Source optimization
    • Price management
    • Source management
    • Warehouse and distribution
    • Retail and transit packaging
    • Quality compliance and sustainability
    • E-commerce solutions


  • 25-year operator for FedEx Express in Qatar.
  • Over 13,000 sqm of warehousing area across Qatar
  • All our trucks are equipped with geo-fencing solutions
  • 24/7 customs-clearance operations
  • Integrated network of sea, land and air transport resources
  • Delivery 220+ Countries & Territories
  • Customs clearance operations at all Qatari borders